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Swapcy 3.0

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A first in solar-powered mobile charging and water filtration for off-grid settings.
  • Litres of water filtered per day 3000
  • Phones charged per day 40
  • Available educational content 250 GB
  • Daily light autonomy 8 hours

Product Specifications

Our Solar Water Alternative Purifier and Charging System (SWAPCY) is equipped with a 5 μm sediment filter able to remove sand, algae, rust and suspended particles. Furthermore, two integrated 0.1 μm antimicrobial ultrafiltration membranes remove aluminium, ammonia, iron, active chlorine, sulphates, nitrates, bacteria and coliform bacteria resulting in a total daily filtration capacity of 300 litres (2.2L per individual across 135 people). Other components include 8 USB mobile phone charging ports (charging 40 phones per day), LED lighting for operation at night, as well as the possibility to incorporate a Raspberry Pi system. We currently have two working units in operation in Rwanda.