Our Values

We believe in developing long lasting, climate resilient and inclusive tech solutions that harness renewable energy sources (specifically a location’s solar resource potential). By combining technical and business model innovation we bring essential services, such as access to clean-water, electricity and information to those that need them most. We place human capital at the heart of what we do, and prioritise the delivery of real impact through tested, bespoke and financially viable solutions. The unit cost per service provided is kept to a minimum ensuring minimal O&M costs, and hence a cost-competitive business approach. Elpis Solar believes in empowering communities, educating them and providing them with the necessary opportunities to up-skill and take full ownership over our solar-powered devices. By promoting micro-entrepreneurship we support local employment and incentivise the vulnerable to become our ambassadors.

Promoting Transparency:

We deploy data analytics to monitor the impact delivered per dollar invested, thereby improving the visibility of transparency of investments. Impact investors and corporate sponsors/donors can track the benefits of their contributions, resting assured that their impact investments were worthwhile.

Fostering partnerships:

We have built a network of affiliated change-makers that add value, technical know-how and support us in our vision towards bringing essential services to refugees through solar power. Being part of a wider network of entrepreneurs, suppliers, experienced manufacturers, and open source digital content creators ensures the co-creation of valuable solutions with a real-world impact.

User-centric design:

We put the our end-users at the center of all our activities. From conception to deployment we use validated and data-driven decision-making to guide our design process. Our approach is one of making continuous improvements and iterative upgrades based on users’ needs and their feedback.

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