Our Work

The work carried out since the beginning of our activity as a student led initiative until incorporating as a social start-up is strongly guided by our core values and the desire to design practical, sustainable, novel and impactful tech solutions addressing the needs of the underserved, especially in off-grid settings. Through partnerships, knowledge sharing and market validation we have been incrementally improving the range of services offered, through tailored business modelling and technical innovation. Always guided by user insights. We are now in a position to offer reliable, low-cost infrastructure offerings, that have stood the test of time, as we envision to grow our impact and project portfolio. Our work does not end there. We are actively looking for partners, business sponsors and impact investors to partake in matched funding schemes for the roll-out of larger scale development projects. Aligning with the SDGs our work is focused on improving social inclusion, access to clean and affordable energy, water and sanitation. We call on all changemakers to join us in our effort to address some of the world’s most pressing issues, starting one step at a time.

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