Where Business Meets Social Impact

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Cross subsidisation

When you invest in our bespoke solar-powered street lighting solutions, you empower others to access essential services. A partnership with us reduces your costs, decreases your carbon footprint and ensures the delivery of impact to those who need it most. Generated profits will be fed back into the manufacturing and deployment of solar applications for off-grid refugee communities around the world. 


Corporate social responsibility


Have you considered having Elpis Solar as part of your CSR portofolio? If so, then rest assured that your corporate sponsorship will translate into measurable impact through our solar applications. By working with us you gain the opportunity to build a green and ethical brand that enables affordable low-carbon development for others. 


Micro entrepreneur

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We enable employment opportunities in refugee camps by inviting interested camp residents to run their own "solar-charging business". Thereby our local entrepreneurs gain valuable skills and income, whilst some of the proceeds cover operational and maintenance costs. This allows for a sustainable financing mechanism that further increases the impact we make, whilst also ensuring there is community ownership over our devices. 


Digital Platform

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Do you have a digital product or service that you think could be of benefit to refugees? If so we're are building an open-source platform that allows anyone to upload their digital services, and stream them directly to refugees.  Beyond essential services we enable our users to access digital content without needing to be online, and thus enable organisations and individuals to engage with a hard to reach customer segment.