Mobile revolution

More than two-thirds of the world’s 7.6 billion inhabitants now have a phone. With the ability to contact family, transfer money and access information mobile technology has become a lifeline for the modern refugee.


Our vision is to provide digital content to those who have no access.


To do this we are building an open-source digital platform that serves refugee communities, requiring no connection to the electricity grid nor the internet.


Low Cost Server

A Raspberry Pi is a small computer, contained within all of our solar-powered units. It has an integrated Wi-Fi module through which we can create a Wireless Access Point (WAP). Using the WAP, we are able to turn this low cost computer into a server, and thereby can provide a host of digital content to nearby mobile phone users.


Remote Access

The Raspberry Pi is connected to the Internet through an external 3G module, which allows us to monitor and change the on-board content in real-time. Remote access is made possible through, resulting in a scalable solution. Therefore we now seek to partner with companies and organizations to integrate their digital services into our open-source platform, bridging the digital divide one step at a time.

Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 20.13.09.png

Digital Hub

What brings it all together is the digital hub, a user-interface that allows people to access the content stored on our devices through their mobile phones. So far we have deployed Arabic digital-hubs across refugee camps in Greece containing informational guides on mental health, women's healthcare,  and a library of e-books, ranging from educational textbooks to children’s books.  Our goal is to gather and deploy content for all geographical contexts, and work closely with users to provide the most useful content possible.


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