Part of the Elpis team in Ritsona, Greece!

Part of the Elpis team after the first Solar Hub is installed in Kara Tepe.

Alex and new friends pose by a Solar Hub in Malakasa, Greece.

Birds-eye view of the installation in Kara Tepe, Greece.

Alex coordinates with the camp leaders in Malakasa, Greece.

New installation at Ritsona, Greece.

Just minutes after installation, users are clamoring to charge their phones.

Finishing touches on an installation.

Co-founders Sam and Alex present new Elpis developments to over 300 people.

Alex installs a Solar Hub in Ritsona, Greece.

At GoodFestival in Lausanne, Switzerland after winning the PremaGyan Good 100 Award.

Elpis with other award winners at GoodFestival 2016.

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